Hoover Washing Machine Flush (Square) Door Seal, Gasket DBT46


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Hoover Washer Door Seal, Gasket (Pattern Part)

OEM REF 09024589
Part No. DBT46
Model No.HOOVER FLUSH-DR-POST-85&LATE-LOGIC . A3492 . A3576 . A3578 . A3580 . A3582 . A3584 . A3586 . A3618 . A3620 . A3628 . A3630 . A3632 . A3634 . A3636 . A3638 . A3640 . A3670 . A3690 . A3764 . A3766 . A3768 . A3770 . A3772 . A3786 . A3788 . A3790 . A3792 . A3794 . A3796 . A3848 . A3954 . A3956 . A3958 . A3960

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Manufacturer Qualtex
Model Number DBT46
SKU 166322
Original Spare Part Compatible Spare Part
Category Type Washing Machine Door Seals
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Hoover Washing Machine Flush (Square) Door Seal, Gasket DBT46