Ebac Home Appliances

Ebac Home Appliances

7 Year Parts & Labour Warranty

Take home today the only British made washing machine. Available in 7kg, 8kg & 9kg drum sizes & are also available with either cold fill or hot and cold fill.

Be proud of the choices you make.. Buying British made goods will re-energise the UK Economy, create UK jobs and build an exciting future for our children.

We're the only stockist of Ebac washing machines in Blackpool.

These are premium quality made washing machines that have been manufactured to last. The thickness of the metal body on these machines alone are 0.8mm thick making them quite to operate and plant solid on the ground. No other manufacture makes a machine with the body thicker than this, most are thinner.

At the moment Ebac do not sell a tumble dryer, As they manufacture and sell Dehumidifiers. You can wash your clothes leave the dehumidifier on and the clothes will dry within a few hours. Not only that they will take the moister out of your home making for a dryer, healthier home.

This company will always be manufacture machine in Britain, the owner John Elliott has made enough from his company for him self and family. Instead of passing it on to his daughters he has given the company to a trust to ensure that the company remains in County Durham and employees local people. The company will keep enough profit to  to grow and the rest will be given to charities. www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-39051964 See the full BBC New here for more info.

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