Purchase dehumidifiers here, they are one on the best things for your home as they take away the daily moisture which builds up throughout the day with washing, cooking and bathing. They are also extremely good if you like to dry your clothes on a maiden in your home, some even have a dry clothes option like the ones that we sell. there are two types of dehumidifier desiccant and compressor types. The compressor type are the best option for British UK temperatures and that's the reason why Ebac who manufacture some of the best make them this way. All of these products will extract different amounts of water over a 24 hour period, as a rule of thumb the higher amount the better, even in a smaller house as they don't have to work as hard, use the same power as one which extracts less therefore lasting longer as well. With the ones we sell they come with a Smart control, an on board humidistat which reads the moister level in the air and turns on and off when needed creating the perfect balance of moister in your home.

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